What Happened? Switchback Switcheroo, Hardback Book

What Happened? Switchback Switcheroo Hardback

Illustrated by Courtney Huddleston


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Chart-topping singing sensation Switchback has returned to his hometown of Switchington Falls to open its new music venue.

The opening ceremony centers on the unveiling of a life-size statue of Switchback himself.

But when the pop star pulls back the covering to reveal the statue to his adoring fans, they discover his glorious face has been replaced by ... a coat rack? Who would pull off such an insane switcheroo? Was it a gang of local art thieves? Or a band of superfans determined to keep Switchback to themselves?

Perhaps a rival pop star pulled this prank. It couldn't be a gang of zombies mistaking ceramic brains for real ones, right?

Crack open a What Happened? book to investigate a preposterous mystery from four different perspectives.

See what the witnesses gets right ... and what they get hilariously wrong. Bet you will never guess what really happened!


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