Le Russe Pack mp3 (livre+1CD mp3), Mixed media product Book

Le Russe Pack mp3 (livre+1CD mp3) Mixed media product

Mixed media product

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With Assimil, learning Russian has never been easier: intuitive method has enabled millions of users to learn a foreign language.

You are beginners or false beginners? You just want to give you Russian? In 100 lessons and as many lively dialogues punctuated with simple notes and exercises for 30 to 40 minutes a day, you will follow a very fluid progression.

You can reach in a few months a conversation level allowing you to chat with friends and express yourself easily in daily life as in professional situations.

What the Assimil method? This method of revolutionary self-learning based on a simple and effective principle: the intuitive assimilation.

It is inspired by the natural process that allows everyone to learn their mother tongue.

With an educational ensemble of lively dialogues, single notes and exercises, you will speak without effort or hesitation in a very natural way.

The 3 reasons that guarantee the effectiveness of the method: This method has been proven for over 85 years; it really helps to learn a language in a few months; it rests on a single principle, confirmed by the cognitive sciences.

Our strengths: the living and useful dialogues; a choice of realistic and current situations; grammatical progression carefully studied; systematic revisions to consolidate your assets; cultural commentary; a unique and proven humorous style; help with pronunciation with audio.