Seeing the Light : Optics Without Equations, Paperback / softback Book

Seeing the Light : Optics Without Equations Paperback / softback

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Paperback / softback

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Seeing the Light: Optics Without Equations is written for nonscientists and explains the concepts of light, waves, photons, refraction, reflection, diffraction, etc., without using equations.

This book will be useful as background information for any course in optics, for those who need a basic understanding of optics for their research or other activities, and for the curious.

It is divided into five sections: Basic Concepts is followed by Optics in Nature, where the familiar phenomena we observe every day are explained without math.

Next is Optical Components, which covers prisms and mirrors, followed by Optical Instruments, which includes instruments ranging from simple otoscopes to intercontinental ballistic missiles to clear air turbulence detectors.

A final section on Experiments describes seminal experiments such as those that proved relativity and the wave and photon natures of light.

Technical appendices are included for readers who want to dig into the math.


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