YPs: Volume 1 May/Jun, Paperback / softback Book

YPs: Volume 1 May/Jun Paperback / softback

Part of the YPs series

Paperback / softback

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YP's is for young people, everywhere! Read a bit of the Bible every day, explore lots of stuff about you and God - cracking puzzles and playing quizzes along the way!In this issue... CONCRETE FAITH (PART 1) >>Meet Nehemiah - an ordinary man recruited by God to rebuild the smashed walls of his hometown, Jerusalem.

Find out how God showed up, and what on earth we could possibly learn from this amateur building project that happened thousands of years ago... BULLETPROOF >>Most of us won't have an actual suit of armour in our wardrobe.

The truth is, there is a fight going on - the ongoing fight between good and evil, and we're all in it.

Get the lowdown on the armour of God as Paul gives us his top tips on how to dress for battle. CONCRETE FAITH (PART 2) >>We're back on the building site with Nehemiah!

Find out how he and his team kept going, brick by brick, despite the odds and some pretty fierce opposition.

Did they give up? Did the walls ever get finished? Let's find out what they achieved with God on their side... DECISIONS, DECISIONS >>Choices. We make hundreds every day. But what about the more important ones? How do you make a good decision? Who should you take advice from? Let's learn from some key decision-makers in the Old Testament...