No Sugar Desserts and Baking Book, Hardback Book

No Sugar Desserts and Baking Book Hardback


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This inspiring book will help you remove refined sugar from your cooking where it really matters - in sweet puddings and cakes!

Here are irresistible yet healthy desserts using nutritious ingredients; all are low or even zero in refined sugar but many are lower gluten, lower dairy, vegan and paleo-friendly too.

Ysanne's tried and tested recipes don't simply replace sugar with chemical substitutes, but use natural and unprocessed sweeteners.

Satisfy your sweet craving with gooey puddings, crumbly fruit pies, chilled parfaits, creamy cheesecakes and cacao chocolate candies: here are ideas for families, teatimes and dinner parties, and treats that everyone will love.

In Ysanne's words: 'The 'no-sugar' philosophy of this book reflects the many reasons people want to cut out refined sugar from their diets.

Unlike many other no-sugar cookbooks, the deeply researched introduction gives the reader the keys to deciding which non-refined sugar ingredient to use, and guides you in making your own informed choices about what to eat for your own body, as there's no one-size-fits-all.

For diabetics there are still ingredients that will allow you to eat sweet things - such as monk fruit, stevia, and glycerin.

Maybe you're here because low-calorie is what's important, or maybe it's for more nutrients than refined sugar offers, or to protect your children's teeth - you will learn how to eat for every different reason, and every different body and budget.

I hope you enjoy being empowered by my book and creating delicious no-sugar cakes and cookies.'


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