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Are you learning a new language? Our range of reference and language eBooks can help you develop your foreign language skills.
Abroad in Japan
Chris Broad


'Chris Broad explores Japan in all its quirky glory..Endlessly fascinating!'
Will Ferguson, author of Hokkaido Highway Blues

'Carves a unique path across Japan bringing him...

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Fake Love
Nova Gibson

Clear, concise and empowering self-help about navigating and healing from narcissistic abuse by Australia's go-to specialist counsellor

The love of a narcissist is fake. It's a soul-destroying...

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What About Men?
Caitlin Moran

'A must-read eye-opener that makes you laugh, cry, get angry and get happy on every page. It's magnificent' Bob Mortimer

'Our greatest modern writer on women turns her eyes on men - and it's all good'...

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A Lacanian Reading of Anorexia
Domenico Cosenza

This book presents a Lacanian perspective on the understanding and treatment of anorexia, supported by case material, research and theoretical insight from the author's 25 years of clinical practice....

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Constructive Journalism
Peter Bro

This book offers a deep and comprehensive overview of constructive journalism, setting out the guiding principles and practices for a journalism that aims to do more than simply inform about...

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