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Management Control Systems
Kenneth Merchant
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Digital Empires
Anu Bradford
The global battle among the three dominant digital powersthe United States, China, and the European Unionis intensifying. All three regimes are racing to regulate tech companies, with each advancing...
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Constructive Journalism
Peter Bro

This book offers a deep and comprehensive overview of constructive journalism, setting out the guiding principles and practices for a journalism that aims to do more than simply inform about...

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The Diary of a CEO
Steven Bartlett

Runaway No.1 Bestseller by STEVEN BARTLETT: entrepreneur, podcaster and Dragon's Den star

This is not a book about business strategy. Strategy changes like the seasons.

This is a book about something...

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Bernie Taupin

'This is the most glorious of books. I am besotted by the life I never knew he had.' -Elton John

'Orgasmic. Every page of Scattershot is a delight, a joy, a name-dropper fan's delight. Divine. I...

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