Henry Purcell: The Complete Odes and Welcome Songs, CD / Album

Henry Purcell: The Complete Odes and Welcome Songs CD / Album


Track Listing

Disc 1
  1. Symphony
  2. Arise, My Muse
  3. Ye Sons of Music Raise Your Voices High
  4. Then Sound Your Instruments and Charm the Earth
  5. See How the Glitt'ring Ruler of the Day
  6. Hail, Gracious Gloriana, Hail
  7. And Since the Time's Distress to Wars' Alarms
  8. To Quell His Country's Foes
  9. But Ah, I See Eusebia Drown'd in Tears
  10. But Glory Cries 'Go On...
  11. Symphony
  12. Welcome to All the Pleasures
  13. Here the Deities Approve
  14. While Joys Celestial Their Bright Souls Invade
  15. Then Life Up Your Voices, Those Organs of Nature
  16. Beauty, Thou Scene of Love
  17. In a Consort of Voices While Instruments Play
  18. Symphony
  19. Now Does the Glorious Day Appear
  20. Not Any One Such Joy Could Bring
  21. This Does Our Fertile Isle With Glory Crown
  22. Now Does the Glorious Day Appear
  23. It Was a Work of Full As Great a Weight
  24. By Beauteous Softness Mixed With Majesty
  25. Her Hero Too, Whose Conduct and Whose Arms
  26. Our Dear Religion, With Our Law's Defence
  27. No More Shall We the Great Eliza Boast
  28. Now, Now, With One United Voice
Disc 2
  1. Symphony
  2. Hail! Bright Cecilia, Hail!
  3. Hark, Each Tree Its Silence Breaks
  4. 'Tis Nature's Voice; Thro' All the Moving Wood
  5. Soul of the World
  6. Thou Tun'st This World Below, the Spheres Above
  7. With That Sublime Celestial Lay
  8. Wond'rous Machine
  9. The Airy Violin
  10. In Vain the Am'rous Flute and Soft Guitar
  11. The Fife and All the Harmony of War
  12. Let These Amongst Themselves Contest
  13. Hail! Bright Cecilia, Hail to Thee!
  14. Overture
  15. Who Can from Joy Refrain?
  16. A Prince of Glorious Race Descended
  17. The Father Brave As E'er Was Dane
  18. The Graces in His Mother Shine
  19. Sound the Trumpet and Beat the Warlike Drum
  20. If Now He Burns With Noble Flame
Disc 3
  1. Symphony
  2. Fly, Bold Rebellion, Make Haste and Be Gone!
  3. Rivers from Their Channels Turned
  4. If Then We've Found the Want of His Rays
  5. But Heaven Has Now Dispelled Those Fears
  6. Come Then, Change Your Notes, Disloyal Crowd
  7. Be Welcome Then, Great Sir, to Constant Vows
  8. Welcome to All Those Wishes Fulfilled
  9. Symphony
  10. Sound the Trumpet, Beat the Drum
  11. Crown the Year and Crown the Day
  12. Let Caesar and Urania Live
  13. What Greater Bliss Can Fate Bestow
  14. Chaconne
  15. While Caesar Like the Morning Star
  16. To Urania and Caesar Delights Without Measure
  17. Symphony
  18. Celebrate This Festival
  19. Britain Now Thy Cares Beguile
  20. 'Tis Sacred, Bid the Trumpet Cease
  21. Let Sullen Discord Smile
  22. Crown the Altar, Deck the Shrine
  23. Expected Spring at Last Is Come
  24. April, Who Till Now Has Mourned
  25. Departing Thus You'll Hear Him Say
  26. Happy Realm Beyond Expressing
  27. While, for a Righteous Cause He Arms
  28. Return, Fond Muse, the Thoughts of War
  29. Kindly Treat Maria's Day
Disc 4
  1. Symphony
  2. Ye Tuneful Muses, Raise Your Heads
  3. Be Lively Then and Gay
  4. In His Just Praise Your Noblest Songs Let Fall
  5. From the Rattling of Drums and the Trumpet's Loud Sounds
  6. To Music's Softer But Ye Kind
  7. With Him He Brings the Partner of His Throne
  8. Happy in a Mutual Love
  9. Whilst in Music and Verse Our Duty We Show
  10. Symphony
  11. Celestial Music Did the Gods Inspire
  12. Her Charming Strains Expel Tormenting Care
  13. Thus Virgil's Genius Lov'd the Country Best
  14. Whilst Music Did Improve Amphion's Song
  15. When Orpheus Sang All Nature Did Rejoice
  16. Let Phyllis By Her Voice But Charm the Air
  17. Symphony
  18. From Hardy Climes and Dangerous Toils of War
  19. As Fame, Great Sir, Before You Ran
  20. Wake Then, My Muse, Wake Instruments and Voice
  21. The Sparrow and the Gentle Dove
  22. So All the Boons Indulgent Heav'n Design'd
  23. Hence Without Scheme Or Figure to Descry
Disc 5
  1. Symphony
  2. Welcome, Welcome, Glorious Morn
  3. At Thy Return the Joyful Earth
  4. Welcome As When Three Happy Kingdoms Strove
  5. The Mighty Goddes of This Wealthy Isle
  6. Full of Wonder and Delight
  7. And Lo! A Sacred Fury Swell'd Her Breast
  8. My Pray'rs Are Heard, Heav'n Has at Last Bestow'd
  9. He to the Field By Honour Call'd Shall Go
  10. Whilst Undisturb'd His Happy Consort Reigns
  11. Sound, All Ye Spheres; Confirm the Omen, Heav'n
  12. Symphony
  13. Great Parent, Hail to Thee!
  14. Another Century Commencing
  15. After War's Alarms Repeated
  16. Awful Matron Take Thy Seat
  17. She Was the First Who Did Inspire
  18. Succeeding Princes Next Recite
  19. But Chiefly Recommend to Fame
  20. Thy Royal Patron Sung: Repair
  21. With Themes Like These, Ye Sons of Art
  22. Symphony
  23. The Summer's Absence Unconcerned We Bear
  24. And When Late from Your Throne Heaven's Call You Attend
  25. Ah! Had We, Sir, the Power Or Art
  26. Happy While All Her Neighbours Bled
  27. So Happily Still You Your Counsels Employ
  28. These Had By Their Ill Usage Drove
  29. But Those No More Shall Dare Repine
Disc 6
  1. Symphony
  2. Love's Goddess Sure Was Blind This Day
  3. Those Eyes, That Form, That Lofty Mien
  4. Sweetness of Nature, and True Wit
  5. Long May She Reign Over This Isle
  6. May Her Blest Example Chase
  7. Many Such Days May She Behold
  8. May She to Heaven Late Return
  9. Symphony
  10. Raise, Raise the Voice, All Instruments Obey
  11. The God Himself Says He'll Be Present Here
  12. Mark How Readily Each Pliant String
  13. Symphony - Laudate Ceciliam, in Voce Et Organo
  14. Modulemini Psalmum Novum
  15. Symphony
  16. Dicite Virgini, Canite Martyri
  17. Symphony
  18. From Those Serene and Rapturous Joys
  19. Behold Th' Indulgent Prince Is Come
  20. Not With a Helmet Or a Glitt'ring Spear
  21. Welcome As Soft Refreshing Show'rs
  22. Welcome, More Welcome Does He Come
  23. Nor Does the Sun More Comfort Bring
  24. With Trumpets and Shouts We Receive the World's Wonder
Disc 7
  1. Symphony
  2. Of Old, When Heroes Thought It Base
  3. The Bashful Thames, for Beauty So Renown'd
  4. The Pale and the Purple Rose
  5. And in Each Track of Glory Since
  6. Symphony
  7. And Now When the Renown'd Nassau
  8. They Did No Storms, Nor Threat'nings Fear
  9. So When the Glitt'ring Queen of Night
  10. Let Music Join
  11. Sound Trumpets, Sound! Beat Ev'ry Drum
  12. Sound All to Him
  13. Symphony - Swifter, Isis, Swifter Flow
  14. Land Him Safely On Her Shore
  15. Hark, Hark! Just Now My Listening Ears
  16. Welcome, Dread Sir, to Town
  17. But With So Great Devotion Meet
  18. The King Whose Presence Like the Spring
  19. Then Since, Sir, from You All Our Blessings Do Flow
  20. Symphony
  21. What Shall Be Done in Behalf of the Man
  22. All the Grandeur He Possesses
  23. Mighty Charles, Though Joined With Thee
  24. May All Factious Troubles Cease
Disc 8
  1. Symphony
  2. Come Ye Sons of Art, Away
  3. Sound the Trumpet, 'Til Around
  4. Strike the Viol, Touch the Lute
  5. The Day That Such a Blessing Gave
  6. Bid the Virtues, Bid the Graces
  7. These Are the Sacred Charms That Shield
  8. See Nature, Rejoicing, Has Shown Us the Way
  9. Symphony - Welcome, Vicegerent of the Mighty King
  10. Ah! Mighty Sir, If You to Such Long Absence Are Inclined
  11. But Your Blest Presence Now
  12. Your Influous Approach Our Pensive Hope Recalls
  13. When the Summer, in His Glory
  14. All Loyalty and Honour Be
  15. Music the Food of Love
  16. Why, Why Are All the Muses Mute?
  17. When Should Each Soul Exalted Be
  18. Britain, Thou Now Art Great, Art Great Indeed!
  19. Look Up, and to Our Isle Returning See
  20. Accurs'd Rebellion Reared His Head
  21. Caesar for Milder Virtues Honour'd More
  22. The Many-headed Beast Is Quelled at Home
  23. In the Equal Balance Laid
  24. O How Blest Is the Isle to Which Caesar Is Given


  • Format: CD / Album
  • Label: Hyperion
  • Genre: Classical
  • Release Date:
  • Number of Discs: 8
  • EAN: 0034571140315


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