Mutton, Paperback

Mutton Paperback



'Hilariously accurate. The funniest novel about the female mid-life crisis". (The Times). Clara Hutt is forty-six years old, and in pretty good nick, considering.

She has kick-ass underwear, a large and loving family, and a healthy sense of what matters in life.

Until Gaby moves in. Gaby's an old school friend of Clara's who has just returned from LA.

She may be a yoga mogul who lives off kale, and speaks a made-up fantasy novel language, but Gaby's no stranger to cosmetic surgery: she's almost fifty, but looks thirty-six at most.

What with Gaby, and Clara's son's leggy girlfriend, Sky, wafting around the house in her stripy pants, Clara starts to wonder if a little Botox, a little filler, a nip and a tuck, would be so very wrong.

Should she ignore the fear? Or is there another way to grow old gracefully - and how far is she prepared to go to find out? "Had me reaching for the hankie as I wept with laughter from start to finish". (Evening Standard). "A brilliant mix of humour and heart...offers a witty take on the ageing process, delivered in Knight's usual pithy, thought-provoking style". (Grazia). "Tear-inducingly funny...we love this story". (Closer). "Gleeful. A frank and funny novel of Harley Street makeovers and matronly madness". (Independent India). Knight is the author of three previous novels: My Life on a Plate, Don't You Want Me and Comfort and Joy.

Her non-fiction books include The Shops, the bestselling diet book Neris and India's Idiot-Proof Diet, the accompanying bestselling cookbook Neris and India's Idiot-Proof Diet Cookbook and The Thrift Book.

India is a columnist for the Sunday Times and lives in London with her three children.




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