The Field of the Cloth of Gold, Paperback

The Field of the Cloth of Gold Paperback



SHORTLISTED FOR THE GOLDSMITHS PRIZE 2016 'One of Britain's most original, inimitable writers' The Times 'The field looks completely wrong now,' she announced, one blustery afternoon. 'It's all gone out of balance' The Great Field lies in the bend of a broad, meandering river.

Bounded on three sides by water, on the fourth side it dwindles gradually into wilderness.

A handful of tents are scattered far and wide across its immensity.

Their flags flutter in the warm breeze, rich with the promise of halcyon days.

But more and more people are setting up camp in the lush pastures and with each new arrival life becomes a little more complicated. And when a large and disciplined group arrive from across the river emotions run so high that even a surplus of milk pudding can't soothe ruffled feathers.

Change is coming; change that threatens the delicate balance of power in the Great Field.

This simultaneously down to earth and surreal fable cements Magnus Mills' status as one of Britain's most original novelists.




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