The Truth About Christmas, Hardback

The Truth About Christmas Hardback



The truth about Christmas - its traditions unravelled!

Have you ever wondered: - Who decided to celebrate Jesus' birthday on 25th December ...and why? - Who exactly was Saint Nicholas? - Why do we kiss under the mistletoe? - When was the first Christmas card sent? - What on earth has a Yule log got to do with Christmas? - Did Father Christmas really used to wear green? - Who invented the advent calendar? - What do crackers have to do with Christmas? - Where do the flying reindeer come from? - What's all the holly and ivy for? - Why are carols called carols? - What exactly is a manger? - Why have a fairy, not an angel at the top of the tree?

The answers to these and many other festive questions can be found within the covers of this delightful little book!




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