Ruddigore (Godfrey, D'oyly Carte Opera Chorus), CD / Album

Ruddigore (Godfrey, D'oyly Carte Opera Chorus) CD / Album


Track Listing

  1. Overture
  2. Fair is rose as bright May day
  3. Sir Rupert Murgatroyd
  4. If Somebody There Chanced To Be
  5. I know a youth who loves a little maid
  6. From the briny sea - Ballad: I shipped d'ye see
  7. Hornpipe
  8. My boy, you may take it from me
  9. If Well His Suit Has Sped
  10. In sailing o'er life's ocean wide - My heart says
  11. Cheerily carols the lark - To a garden full of posies
  12. Welcome, Gentry, For Your Entry
  13. Oh Why Am I Moody And Sad?
  14. You understand? I Think I Do
  15. Hail the bride of seventen summers
  16. When the bands are blossoming
  17. Gavotte
  18. Hold, bride and bridegroom - Finale
  19. I was once as meek as a new-born lamb
  20. Happily coupled are we
  21. In bygone days I had thy love
  22. painted emblems of a race
  23. When the night wind howls
  24. He yields! He answers to our call
  25. I once was a very abandoned person
  26. My eyes are fully open
  27. There grew a little flower
  28. Finale


  • Format: CD / Album
  • Label: Naxos Historical
  • Genre: Classical
  • Release Date:
  • Running Time (minutes): 74.10
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • EAN: 0636943129524


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