Looking for the best true crime books? Discover our great selection of the latest gripping page-turner crime books that will truly keep you on the edge of your seat.
Dear Little Corpses
Nicola Upson

'More than just a brilliant mystery . . . wonderful.' Ian Moore, author of Death and...

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Robert B. Parker's Stone's Throw
Mike Lupica

The town of Paradise receives a tragic shock when the mayor is discovered dead, his body lying in...

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Orders to Kill
Edward (Author) Marston

December, 1917. Ada Hobbes arrives on a frosty morning to clean the house owned by Dr Tindall, a...

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The Daughter
Liz Webb

I lean in and whisper the question I have never let myself utter in twenty-three years. "Dad, did...

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Joachim Schmidt

He is the self-appointed sheriff of Raufarho fn, a sleepy town in northern Iceland, and has...

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