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Guardians of the Gods - In the Shadow of the Fall
Tobi Ogundrian

An untried acolyte desperate to speak with the orisha she worships accidentally reignites a cosmic war.

The fate of her gods - and of her world - now lies in her inexperienced hands.

Perfect for fans...

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DeadEndia: The Divine Order
Hamish Steele

Eisner Award–winning creator Hamish Steele’s DeadEndia series is Steven Universe meets Adventure Time for fans of Scott Pilgrim, Rick and Morty, Adventure Time, and Pumpkinheads. In this diverse...

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I Hate Fairyland Compendium One
Skottie Young

Eisner Award-winning writer and artist SKOTTIE YOUNG (MIDDLEWEST, TWIG, THE ME YOU LOVE IN THE DARK) tells the bloody good tale of the gruesome, grotesque, green-haired GERT!  In this deluxe...

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My Name Is Zero Vol. 1
Hana Shinohara

Perfect for fans of isekai, videogame, and fantasy manga , follow the story of Kanazaki Rei, an avid gamer who is transported into the dangerous world of his favourite videogame!Kanazaki Rei is an...

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Diablo - Legends of the Necromancer - Rathma
Fred Kennedy

Don't miss this exclusive, original Diablo (R) graphic novel chronicling the origins of Rathma, founder of the necromancer class, protector of the balance between life and death. Centuries after...

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