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Looking for the best home gardening books or home décor books? Discover our brilliant range of home improvement and DIY guides, as well as plenty of books about gardening and plants.
The Seasonal Baker
Michelle Evans-Fecci

Seasonal bakes and tips on growing your own produce by former The Great British Bake Off...

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Grow, Cook, Dye, Wear
Bella Gonshorovitz

Live sustainably with style - grow fruits and vegetables, cook them, create natural dyes, then make...

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The First-Time Gardener
Frances Tophill

'A brilliant and inspirational starter kit for anyone who wants to make a garden to suit their own...

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How to make a wildflower meadow
James Hewetson-Brown

Flowering meadows are appealing to gardeners and valuable for wildlife, but they can be difficult...

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Leon Battista Alberti
Caspar Pearson

One of the most brilliant and original authors and architects of the entire Renaissance, Leon...

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