Rap/Hip Hop

We all love hip-hop music, and it sounds even better when it's on vinyl. Check out our range of the best hip hop songs on vinyl records.
Hip-hop delivery
Paul Sitter
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50 Years of Hip-hop: The Female MC's
Various Artists
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Dog Eat Dog World Food
Niko B
Destined for a playlist, speakers and stage near you imminently: 'dog eat dog food world' simultaneously takes things back to Niko's roots but also zooms out to reveal a much wider picture of who he...
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Ghetto Pop Life
Danger Mouse & Jemini
'Ghetto Pop Life' is a collaborative studio album by Danger Mouse and Jemini. Originally released on Lex Records in 2003 it has been out of print for a number of years and is now being re-issued to...
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Killing Nothing
Boldy James & Real Bad Man
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