A   Couple of Cuckoos - Season 1 Volume 1, Blu-ray BluRay

A Couple of Cuckoos - Season 1 Volume 1 Blu-ray

Starring Lindsay Sheppard, Nicholas Andrew Louie, Bryn Apprill, Ama Lee, Kaito Ishikawa, Akari Kito

Directed by Hiroaki Akagi


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Episodes 1-12 from the first season of the Japanese anime based on the manga by Miki Yoshikawa.

High school student Nagi Umino (voice of Kaito Ishikawa) and social media celebrity Erika Amando (Akari Kito) learn that they were switched at birth and, now that their parents know the truth, they want the two of them to marry.

Nagi and Erika are immediately opposed to the idea but as they get to know each other will their feelings change?

The episodes are: 'You're Going to Be My Boyfriend', 'I'm Not Going to Marry You', 'You Aren't Going to Beat Me!!!', 'Would You Please Go Out With Me...?', 'Can We Do Our Morning Study Sessions Together...?', 'I Thought You Live By Yourself', 'Is My Fate Going to Change?', 'Are You Going to Marry Him?', 'The Kuroshio Currents Beckon to Me', 'Don't Treat Me Like Your Kid Sister', 'I Can't Forget That Just Happened' and 'It's Not That I Like You, Yet'.


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