The Art of Grammar : A Practical Guide, Paperback / softback Book

Paperback / softback

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This book introduces the principles and practice of writing a comprehensive reference grammar.

Several thousand distinct languages are currently spoken across the globe, each with its own grammatical system and its own selection of diverse grammatical structures.

Comprehensive reference grammars offer a basis for understanding linguistic diversity and can provide a unique perspective into the structure and social and cognitive underpinnings of different languages. Alexandra Aikhenvald describes the means of collecting, analysing, and organizing data for use in this type of grammar, and discusses the typological parameters that can be used to explore relationships with other languages.

She considers how a grammar can made to reflect and bring to life the societyof its speakers through background explanation and the judicious choice of examples, as well as by showing how its language, history, and culture are intertwined.

She ends with a full glossary of terms and guidance for those wanting to explore a particular linguistic phenomenon or language family.

The Art of Grammar is the ideal resource for students and teachers of linguistics, language studies, and inductively-oriented linguistic, cultural, and social anthropology.