Claustrophobia : Bringing the Fear of Enclosed Spaces into the Open, Paperback / softback Book

Claustrophobia : Bringing the Fear of Enclosed Spaces into the Open Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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Experiencing claustrophobia can be terrifying. Each person who is claustrophobic copes with their fears differently - some by struggling to manage their anxieties and panic, and others by limiting their lives to avoid enclosed spaces, like tube-trains, lifts, tunnels, car-washes, MRI scans, loo's on planes, or even wearing a crash-helmet.

Some people find their fears embarrassing or shameful, and worry what others may think of them, when they have to "just get out" of small or crowded places.

In this sensitive and insightful book, therapist and consultant Andrea Perry speaks honestly of her own experiences, as well as drawing on the views of others whose claustrophobic feelings have affected their lives.

She paints a powerful picture of the challenge of dealing with claustrophobia on a daily basis, looking at how people manage, whether it is possible to overcome the anxiety, and what others can do to help friends, family and colleagues to cope. She even manages to find the humour in what can be a truly frightening experience, and controversially, presents claustrophobia not simply as an irrational response, but as a deeply human rejection of being electronically controlled in the confined spaces of an increasingly technological world.

She also claims that many businesses are losing customers through not understanding people's fear of confined spaces and provides concrete suggestions as to what designers, architects and a wide range of public and private service providers can do to help.