Multi-Sensor and Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing : Specific Single Class Mapping, Hardback Book


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This book elaborates fuzzy machine and deep learning models for single class mapping from multi-sensor, multi-temporal remote sensing images while handling mixed pixels and noise.

It also covers the ways of pre-processing and spectral dimensionality reduction of temporal data.

Further, it discusses the ‘individual sample as mean’ training approach to handle heterogeneity within a class.

The appendix section of the book includes case studies such as mapping crop type, forest species, and stubble burnt paddy fields. Key features:Focuses on use of multi-sensor, multi-temporal data while handling spectral overlap between classesDiscusses range of fuzzy/deep learning models capable to extract specific single class and separates noiseDescribes pre-processing while using spectral, textural, CBSI indices, and back scatter coefficient/Radar Vegetation Index (RVI) Discusses the role of training data to handle the heterogeneity within a classSupports multi-sensor and multi-temporal data processing through in-house SMIC softwareIncludes case studies and practical applications for single class mappingThis book is intended for graduate/postgraduate students, research scholars, and professionals working in environmental, geography, computer sciences, remote sensing, geoinformatics, forestry, agriculture, post-disaster, urban transition studies, and other related areas.

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