Supercapacitors and Their Applications : Fundamentals, Current Trends, and Future Perspectives, Hardback Book

Supercapacitors and Their Applications : Fundamentals, Current Trends, and Future Perspectives Hardback

Edited by Anjali (Kannur University, Kerala, India) Paravannoor, Baiju (Kannur University, Kerala, India) K.V.


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Owing to their high-power density, long life, and environmental compatibility, supercapacitors are emerging as one of the promising storage technologies, but with challenges around energy and power requirements for specific applications.

This book focusses on supercapacitors including details on classification, charge storage mechanisms, related kinetics, and thermodynamics.

Materials used as electrodes, electrolytes, and separators, procedures followed, characterization methods, and modeling are covered, along with emphasis on related applications. Features:Provides an in-depth look at supercapacitors, including their working concepts and designReviews detailed explanation of various characterization and modeling techniquesGive special focus to the application of supercapacitors in major areas of environmental as well as social importanceCovers cyclic voltammetry, charging–discharging curves, and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy as characterization techniquesIncludes a detailed chapter on historical perspectives on the evolution of supercapacitorsThis book is aimed at researchers and graduate students in materials science and engineering, nanotechnology, chemistry in batteries, and physics.


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