Opinions and Opossums, Hardback Book

Opinions and Opossums Hardback


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Agnes has been encouraged not to question authority by her mum-but that's especially hard in religion class, where it bugs her that so much gets blamed on Eve and that God's always pictured one way.

Fortunately, Agnes' anthropologist neighbour, Gracy, gets Agnes thinking after they rescue an opossum together.

Playing dead didn't serve the opossum well, so maybe it's time for Agnes to start thinking for herself. And when Agnes learns that some cultures picture God as a female, she feels freed to think-and write-about things from new perspectives.

As she and her best friend, Mo, encourage each other to get out of their comfort zone at school as the quiet kids, they quickly find it's sorta cool seeing people react when they learn you are very much full of thought-provoking opinions.

Ann Braden has written a fast-paced, funny novel that will resonate with anyone who's ever been afraid to say what they think or question the status quo. Story Locale: Florida


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