Drink : The Deadly Relationship Between Women and Alcohol, Paperback / softback Book

Drink : The Deadly Relationship Between Women and Alcohol Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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The new face of risky drinking is female. The problem: a global epidemic of bingeing. The solution: a brave new approach to female recovery. This is my story, and it's particular. But I am not alone. Drinking problems challenge a growing number of women. The new reality: binge drinking is increasing among young adults - and women are largely responsible for this trend.

Women's buying power has been growing for decades, and their decision-making authority has grown as well.

The alcohol industry, well aware of this reality, is now battling for women's downtime - and their brand loyalty. Our relationship with alcohol is complex, and growing more so.

This book will be essential reading for a huge number of women, a book that's breaks a major taboo.

This will be a book for best friends to give one another, mothers to give daughters, sisters to give to each other - a book to read in hiding, when you know you're in trouble.

This book will offer companionship for women of every age.

It will answer a myriad tough questions. Intimate and startlingly honest, 'Drink' will be a book to change the lives of women of all ages - and those who love them.

A book for anyone who thinks they have a problem, or knows someone who may have a problem, and wants to know more.

Which means: just about everyone.


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