Art Lives: Vincent Van Gogh, DVD  DVD

Art Lives: Vincent Van Gogh DVD

Directed by Dominik Rimbault


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From a lay preacher to a misjudged artistic genius - undoubtedly, van Gogh was one of the most exceptional art personalities of the modern age.

In Paris, the autodidact was formed by Impressionism.

In Arles, under the sun of the Provence in 1888, he developed his truly distinctive style.

Here he painted with Gauguin and created some of his best works, shifting between periods of depression and rapturous artistic delirium, until his suicide in 1890 in Auvers-sur-Oise.

Dominik Rimbault devotes himself to these works that, together with van Gogh's lyrical letters to his brother Theo, become gripping biographical witnesses and the mirror to his soul.