Psychology of Behavioural Interventions and Pandemic Control : Lessons from COVID-19, Paperback / softback Book

Psychology of Behavioural Interventions and Pandemic Control : Lessons from COVID-19 Paperback / softback

Part of the Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic series

Paperback / softback

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Psychology of Behavioural Interventions and Pandemic Control is a unique text that examines the COVID-19 pandemic in relation to population risk factors and the efficacy of non-pharmaceutical interventions deployed by many governments around the world to bring the pandemic under control.

The book presents critical and insightful lessons that can be drawn up to assess governments’ performance in relation to the pandemic and to guide the construction of effective measures to put in place in readiness for any future public health crises on this scale.

It starts by examining lessons learned from historical pandemics and then turns to early epidemiological modelling that influenced the decision of many governments to implement wide-ranging interventions designed to bring public behaviour under close control.

It also examines the findings of research that tried to understand pre-existing population risks factors which had some mediating influences over COVID-19, mortality rates, and the effects of interventions.

Early modelling work is critiqued, and the discussion also identifies weaknesses in early modelling research.

The author, Barrie Gunter, goes on to consider ways in which multiple disciplines can be triangulated to produce more comprehensive models of risk.

He also offers suggestions on how future pandemic-related research might be constructed to deliver more powerful analyses of the effects of interventions and the role played by different population risk factors.

This insight might then deliver better policies for pandemic control and for safe release from that control.

This is essential reading for students and researchers in psychology, public health and medical sciences.

It would also be of interest to policy makers assessing government strategies, responses and performance.

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