Speech and Reading : A Comparative Approach, Hardback Book

Speech and Reading : A Comparative Approach Hardback

Edited by Beatrice de Gelder, Jose Morais

Part of the Psychology Library Editions: Psychology of Reading series


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Originally published in 1995, this collection of papers introduced a new dimension to the understanding of reading by focusing on the relation between spoken and written language processing.

New perspectives on speech and reading are introduced by highlighting aspects of the two linguistic skills that had received little attention in the past.

The comparative perspective adopted in this collection presents an innovative focus on speech and the acquisition of alphabetic reading skill.

Major new sources of evidence are discussed, like reading in nonconventional input modalities, braille reading, and speech processing in lip-reading.

Contributors also discuss the reading process in non-alphabetic orthographies and the specifics of the reading acquisition problem in logographic or mixed writing systems (like Chinese and Japanese) and their relations to underlying speech representations.

A central concern of all chapters is the role of phonological processes in different modalities and writings systems, and at different stages in the reading acquisition process.

Drawing on expertise of the contributors, the book presents a novel and varied view of the achievements, the promises and the challenges facing the researcher once the intimate link between speech and reading comes to the foreground.