Shape of Knowledge, The : An Introduction to Paraphilosophy, Paperback / softback Book

Shape of Knowledge, The : An Introduction to Paraphilosophy Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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The Shape of Knowledge is the outcome of a meaningful experience that occurred in 2012.

In it are developed the foundations of a new science of philosophy, which promises to provide a solution to the disparity preventing our discourse from progress.

Through the language of the Western canon, The Shape of Knowledge exposes the ubiquitous structure that conditions our capacity to reason the truth for our world.

Then, through an investigation of the phenomenon of self-reference, in both the processes and products of thought, this structure is shown to necessitate its own existence.

Underscoring it all is a principle of complementarity, which arises as the modality of the rationalisation of paradox.

Experience is shown to be a relative process of making sense of the nonsensical nature of reality, and the emergence of paraphilosophy is our means of reconciling the present war of opposites—having now served its purpose—with the nondual nature of self-consciousness.

Paraphilosophy is not an idea to be believed—it is the idea of the idea, which is our creative spirit.

So this work is at root an inquiry into oneself.


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