Stereotyping Religion II : Critiquing Cliches, Hardback Book

Stereotyping Religion II : Critiquing Cliches Hardback

Edited by Brad (McDaniel College, USA) Stoddard, Craig (St Thomas Aquinas College, USA) Martin

Part of the Critiquing Religion: Discourse, Culture, Power series


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Building on the success of Stereotyping Religion: Critiquing Clichés, this follow up volume dismantles a further 10 widespread stereotypes and clichés about religion, focusing on clichés that a new generation of students are most familiar with. Each chapter includes:- A description of a particular cliché- Discussion of where it appears in popular culture or popular media- Discussion of where it appears in scholarly literature- A historical contextualization of its use in the past- An analysis of the social or rhetorical work the cliché accomplishes in the presentClichés addressed include:- "Religion and science naturally conflict" - "All religions are against LGBTQ rights"- "Eastern religions are more spiritual than Western religions"- "Religion is personal and not subject to government regulation"- "Religious pluralism gives everyone a voice" Written in an easy and accessible style, Stereotyping Religion II: Critiquing Clichés is suitable for all readers looking to clear away unsophisticated assumptions in preparation for more critical studies.


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