New Insights into Glioblastoma : Diagnosis, Therapeutics and Theranostics, Paperback / softback Book

Paperback / softback

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New Insights into Glioblastoma: Diagnosis, Therapeutics and Theranostics provides a compendium of recent diagnostic and therapeutic advances in GBM, encompassing a pipeline of compounds and (bio) nanotechnology strategies that have stood out with potential increased antitumoral activity and capability to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Issues and challenges related to their translation into the clinical practice and their contribution to the increase in survival rates and well-being of patients are addressed.

This is a valuable resource for graduate students, oncologists, cancer researchers and members of the biomedical field who need to learn more on recent developments on the management of glioblastoma. The book is split in three parts: Diagnosis, focusing on biomarkers and techniques such PET/MRI, infrared thermography, and deep neural networks; Therapeutics, discussing new chemical entities, as natural products and repurposed drugs, and new formulation approaches, as nanotechnology-based and microRNA approaches; and Theranostics, explaining the role of omics, system-based approaches, and glioblastoma microenvironment.


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