Witchful Thinking, Paperback / softback Book

Witchful Thinking Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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What does a witch do when life's a bore? You wish for something more.If wishes were fish, homebody witch Lucy Caraway could open an aquarium and gift shop.

When she isn't grading papers over homemade tea blends, Lucy's leafing through spellbooks to protect her familial magic from complete mayhem.

On the eve of her ten year high school reunion, Lucy yearns for more-the soul mate she's searching for, the cute cottage she's coveting, and to be the best version of herself.

Fueled by nostalgia and spiced rum, Lucy casts a spell that brings trouble in the form of a big lie and reunites her with her high school crush merman Alex Dwyer.Like all merfolk, Alex saw the world and all its splendors, destined never to make a home on land.

When he's unexpectedly given a jinxed cottage, he returns to his small hometown of Freya Grove, NJ, determined to get his life on track after a string of bitter disappointments.

Alex believes a merman needs a house like a fish needs a bicycle.

He plans on flipping it and getting as far away from the Grove as his tail can take him.

But once he discovers that his new neighbor is the witch who got away, Alex starts to rethink his plan.As the spell unfolds, baking disasters, flirtatious tea readings, and midnight meetups spark their decade old chemistry, Lucy and Alex wonder whether their newfound love is strong enough to outlast the fleeting power of a wish.