BSIM-Bulk MOSFET Model for IC Design - Digital, Analog, RF and High-Voltage, Paperback / softback Book

Paperback / softback

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BSIM-Bulk MOSFET Model for IC Design - Digital, Analog, RF and High-Voltage provides in-depth knowledge of the internal operation of the model.

The authors not only discuss the fundamental core of the model, but also provide details of the recent developments and new real-device effect models.

In addition, the book covers the parameter extraction procedures, addressing geometrical scaling, temperatures, and more.

There is also a dedicated chapter on extensive quality testing procedures and experimental results.

This book discusses every aspect of the model in detail, and hence will be of significant use for the industry and academia. Those working in the semiconductor industry often run into a variety of problems like model non-convergence or non-physical simulation results.

This is largely due to a limited understanding of the internal operations of the model as literature and technical manuals are insufficient.

This also creates huge difficulty in developing their own IP models.

Similarly, circuit designers and researcher across the globe need to know new features available to them so that the circuits can be more efficiently designed.


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