Patient-Centred Consulting for the MRCGP : Using the RCGP competences to improve your consulting, Paperback / softback Book

Patient-Centred Consulting for the MRCGP : Using the RCGP competences to improve your consulting Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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This book aims to help readers develop a consulting stylewhich focuses on the needs of the patient rather than resorting to a formulaicapproach to questioning. It helps readers to display the competences required to passthe CSA exam.

Using patient-doctor dialogues, the reader is shown both positiveand negative indicators for a broad array of consultation types.

The reflectivestyle used in the book will help the doctor identify which aspects of thecompetences tested in the examination they need to improve.

The bookwill also help you to avoid these common problems:Disorganised or unstructured consultationNot recognising the issues or prioritiesShowing poor time managementNot appearing to develop rapport or show awareness of patient's agendaand preferencesPoor active listening skills and use of cuesNot developing a shared planNot using language that is relevant and understandable to the patient The book is structured with the patient, rather than thedisease, at the centre of the consultation, in keeping with the design of theCSA examination.

The style of writing is aimed at encouraging self-learning, toavoid readers picking up formulaic habits. Patient-CentredConsulting for the MRCGP brings together lifelike patient-doctor dialogueswith the RCGP competency framework.

It will help improve your dailyconsultations through a reflective understanding of the skills required to putthe patient first.