Time After Time : Repeat Offenders – the Inside Stories, from bestselling author of A BIT OF A STRETCH, Hardback Book

Time After Time : Repeat Offenders – the Inside Stories, from bestselling author of A BIT OF A STRETCH Hardback


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***From the bestselling author of A Bit of a Stretch***'It's a cracking book.

He really can write.' - James O'Brien, LBC'Eloquent, witty, engaging and enraged ... the most important book you'll read this year.' Sathnam Sanghera'Chris Atkins brings a unique perspective, an unflinching eye and a dark sense of humour to hidden stories from the underbelly of the British justice system.

Time after Time is entertaining, unsettling, illuminating and important.' Rafael BehrA funny, touching, challenging and campaigning book about our prisons crisis by the Sunday Times bestselling author of A Bit of a StretchRead the hilarious, shocking and enraging inside stories of those stuck in our broken justice system. Meet the prisoners who: -escaped jail by pretending to be his twin brother-lived in luxury hotels for nine months masquerading as the Duke of Marlborough-was put back inside indefinitely for not attending a partyBritish prisoners have to endure the most inhumane and barbaric conditions imaginable, so why do so many of them keep going back? 80% of criminals who receive cautions or convictions are reoffenders 46% of ex-prisoners are re-convicted within a year of leaving prison Reoffending costs the taxpayer £18 billion per yearThe numbers are staggering.

But the reasons behind them will shock you. Former inmate and documentary maker Chris Atkins has spent the last six years tracking the fortunes of a dozen repeat offenders to understand why the state fails to keep them out of trouble. Featuring funny, wild and poignant stories, Time After Time exploits Chris's unprecedented access to the criminal underworld to understand why the system actually makes reoffending all but inevitable for ex-prisoners.


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