Chaos Ethics, Paperback / softback Book

Chaos Ethics Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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Balance has no meaning for a politics that is merely the continuation of war by other means.

Both religious zealots and defenders of scientific fact declare a monopoly on truth and the moral law, while radicals are powerless to resist since they have lost faith that ethics can be anything but arbitrary.

Meanwhile, insane bureaucracy devastates life while nations fall into dishonor as they abandon their promises of justice.

If the moral law cannot save us, perhaps it is time to try moral chaos.

Chaos Ethics collides philosophers such as Kant, Nietzsche, Levinas, Mary Midgley, Alasdair MacInytre, Alain Badiou, Isabelle Stengers, and Bruno Latour with everything from cyberpunk science fiction and the fantasy novels of Michael Moorcock to Google, gay marriage, drone assassinations, and the ethics of cats and dogs.

A strange and wondrous journey through morality viewed as a facet of imagination that offers a new perspective in which the diversity of ethics is a strength not a weakness, hesitation is more noble than certainty, and virtue can be expressed in both law and chaos.


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