Geodetic Astrology for Relocating and World Affairs, Paperback / softback Book

Geodetic Astrology for Relocating and World Affairs Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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Geodetic astrology literally means 'World' astrology.

The Geodetic Equivalent concept was originally a house cusp structure calculated for any geographic location, and a natal chart inserted within it can be used for personal relocation in order to emphasise or alleviate specific points on that chart.

The chart of an eclipse, lunation, or Great Conjunction can also be inserted within its cusp structure for mundane astrology, observing angular emphasis in forecasting.

The concept has now been advanced to place the zodiac across a map of the world for a quick glance at where a planet's position or even an eclipse degree would have its greatest influence, pinpointing global "hot" spots for a notable event.

It could indicate the escalation of political activity and societal tension, predict the potential of an earthquake or a volcanic eruption, or indicate extreme weather conditions due to shifts in ocean currents.

This book is a fascinating compilation of the author's countless years of study in the application of both mundane astrology and personal relocation. It can be understood by any level of astrological student due to the many examples, stories and explanatory text and will no doubt provide inspiration for further research.