Mathematical Methods for Life Sciences, Paperback / softback Book

Mathematical Methods for Life Sciences Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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Mathematical Methods for Life Sciences introduces calculus, and other key mathematical methods, to students from applied sciences (biology, biotechnology, chemistry, pharmacology, material science, etc).

Special attention is paid to real-world applications, and for every concept, many concrete examples are provided.

The book does not aim to enable students to prove theorems and construct elaborate proofs, but rather to leave students with a clear understanding of the practical mathematics behind the power of optimization, dynamical systems, and all the predictive tools these theories give rise to. FeaturesNo prerequisites beyond high school algebra and geometryCould serve as the primary text for a first-year course in mathematical methods for biology, biotechnology, or other life sciencesEasy to read: the students may skip all the proofs and go directly to key examples and applications


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