The Doodle Notebook : How to Waste Time in the Office, Pamphlet Book

The Doodle Notebook : How to Waste Time in the Office Pamphlet


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Ever been so bored at work that your brain began to dribble out of your ears?

Ever considered stapling yourself to the floor to get out of going to another mind-numbing meeting?Well, here's a way to brighten up those dull days and unmotivated moments that are an essential part of office life.

This book will help you plot your way into your colleagues' good books and vicariously vent your frustration on your boss, tippex over your troubles and scrawl your way to success - all from the comfort of your own office chair.

Healthier than a cigarette break and more comforting than a large croissant, it'll help you take on the daily grind armed with nothing more than a sense of humour, a wild imagination and a few bits of stationery.Your inner child will be endlessly entertained, and your co-workers will be envious in the extreme...