Specialty Imaging: Acute and Chronic Pain Intervention, Hardback Book


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Practical and clinically oriented, Specialty Imaging: Acute and Chronic Pain Intervention provides unique, authoritative guidance on the use of image-guided techniques for periprocedural analgesia and pain management procedures.

Ideal for practicing and trainee interventional radiologists, pain physicians, and anesthesiologists, this one-stop resource is tailored to your decision support needs, with coverage of everything from neuroanatomy and specific pain conditions to interventional procedures for acute and chronic pain. Provides up-to-date content informed by best practices and the perspectives of both interventional radiology and anesthesiology Discusses key topics such as multimodal opioid sparing techniques as adjuncts and alternatives to the use of opioids for acute pain management, as well as shared decision making in interventional radiology pain management Demonstrates the new fascial pain blocks as well as sympathetic nerve blocks for periprocedural analgesia during interventional procedures Covers adult and pediatric acute and chronic pain conditions Integrates neuroanatomy and the "why" of clinical procedures for a better understanding of the pathways and various options for therapeutic intervention Presents information consistently, using a highly templated format with bulleted text for quick, easy reference Begins each section with a discussion of neuroanatomy, followed by succinct chapters that provide "how-to" information on a clinically useful, imaging-guided interventional procedure for treating a specific acute or chronic pain condition Features procedural videos and clear, high-quality drawings for visual reinforcement, e.g., sequential illustrations that show where nerves are located through successive peeling of anatomic layers Includes an Expert ConsultT eBook version that allows you to search all text, figures, and references on a variety of devices