Handbook of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy by Disorder : Case Studies and Application for Adults, Hardback Book


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Pregnancy, childbirth, childhood, adolescence, and aging can be beset with adverse changes in psychobiology and behavior.

Handbook of Lifespan Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Childhood, Adolescence, Pregnancy, Adulthood, and Aging will better readers’ understanding of a variety of conditions and the applicability of CBT therapy as a treatment.

Featuring chapters on postnatal anxiety and depression, insomnia, and dysmorphia, the book discusses in detail the use of cognitive behavioral therapies in the treatment of these issues affecting individuals at the start and end of their lives.

With expert authors from the clinical field, the book has applicability for behavioral scientists, psychologists, cognitive and behavioral neuroscientists, and anyone working to better understand and treat using cognitive behavioral therapies.


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