Becoming a Clinical Psychologist : Personal Stories of Doctoral Training, Hardback Book

Becoming a Clinical Psychologist : Personal Stories of Doctoral Training Hardback

Edited by Danielle Knafo, Robert Keisner, Silvia Fiammenghi


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Whether you are thinking about starting therapy, going to graduate school, or are yourself a practicing healer of hearts and minds, Becoming a Clinical Psychologist: Personal Stories of Doctoral Training offers a wealth of useful information about today's training and trainees..

This book is a collection of accounts written by a diverse group of early-career psychologists and doctoral students in their final stages of training.

Each of the twelve authors provides a deeply personal, inside perspective on becoming a therapist.

Some of the chapters combine qualitative research with the author's particular experience, while others emphasize the author's personal journey as s/he moves from novice to clinician.

Some of the issues that are covered include the ways in which training affects personal and professional relationships with spouses, friends, peers, faculty and supervisors, and clients; how budding clinicians deal with their own issues and feelings of inadequacy; and how trainees learn to develop the right balance of empathy and detachment in working with clients.

Also unique to this collection is the diversity reflected in the contributors, which include an Orthodox Jewish gay man who "came out" during training; a Black woman of African descent who found a home in the psychoanalytic approach; a White man who experienced minority status in his mostly female doctoral program; a bisexual, White woman who had to negotiate misperceptions and judgments as she moved through her clinical training; and a dissident student who came from another profession and found herself at odds with most of her professors and supervisors about the role of trauma in the etiology of mental illness.

Becoming a Clinical Psychologist is a compelling read for those both inside and outside the field of psychology.