Carrie of Culver Road : A touching saga of the search for happiness, EPUB eBook

Carrie of Culver Road : A touching saga of the search for happiness EPUB


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When tragedy strikes, a young mother sets out to find a place she can call home...

Carrie of Culver Road by Dee Williams is a touching story of a young woman's struggle to create a home for her young family in the heart of the East End. Perfect for fans of Nadine Dorries and Pam Evans.

As a little girl, brought up in an orphanage, Caroline Parker had always been told that 'Dept Ford' was the place her disgraced mother had come from. So when years later her husband dies, leaving her penniless and with three young children to support, Caroline's first thought is to head for the place she has envisaged as home: Dept Ford. But to her horror, she finds that Deptford is not the country village she'd imagined, but in the middle of London, a huge, teeming city the likes of which she's never seen.

Luckily a kindly passer-by takes pity on her weary children and puts them on the tram to a place where she might find lodgings which, as it turns out, is in Rotherhithe, not Deptford. And so it is Culver Road that becomes her true home, where Carrie - as her neighbours call her - and her family, helped out by the irrepressible Flo and her soft-hearted docker husband Alf, find themselves battling through times both good and bad. And it is in Culver Road that Carrie meets Jim, the enigmatic sailor who is to change her life...

What readers are saying about Carrie of Culver Road:

'Really enjoyed this book. Moves very quickly and keeps the reader wanting to know what is going to occur next'

'Brilliant read, was sad when it finished'

'I am running out of praise for Dee Williams books because I enjoy them so much'


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