Wild Bird, Hardback Book

Wild Bird Hardback


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Her name was Rype. That wasn’t really her name. It was what the strangers called her. She didn’t remember her real name. She didn’t remember anything at all. Rype was hiding in the hollow of a tree trunk when they found her.

She was hungry, small, cold, alone. She did not speak their language, or understand their mannerisms.

But she knew this: To survive, she would have to go with them. In fourteenth-century Norway, the plague has destroyed the entire village of Skeviga.

To stay alive, Rype, the only one left, must embark on a sweeping adventure across Europe with the son of an English ship captain and a band of troubadours in search of a brighter future and a new home. Expertly crafted, beautifully written, and completely unique, Diane Zahler has created a historically rich, stunning story of survival and hope in the face of tragedy.


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