The Ultimate Book of Dinosaurs, Hardback Book

The Ultimate Book of Dinosaurs Hardback

Illustrated by Christina Banfi


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The ultimate, comprehensive guide to reveal all the secrets about dinosaurs: everything you need to know about these giants of the past is here in your hands.

With a very attractive style, these illustrations will let you submerge yourself in the fantastic world of dinosaurs, discovering, after a short introduction, the main categories (carnivores, herbivores, pterosaurs, aquatic dinosaurs...) and for each of them the most representative, the most common and the most curious.

The book closes with a deep overview on extinction with causes and a clear timeline.

For each beast, there is a short and clear description and a infographic with basic information, where they lived on the Planet, their size and weight and how long ago they lived on the Earth.

The must-have title about dinosaurs: the ultimate guide you'll ever need to know everything about these amazing animals.