The Meaning of Horses : Biosocial Encounters, Hardback Book

The Meaning of Horses : Biosocial Encounters Hardback

Edited by Dona (University of South Dakota, USA) Davis, Anita (The Arctic University of Norway, Norway) Maurstad


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The Meaning of Horses: Biosocial Encounters examines some of the engagements or entanglements that link the lived experiences of human and non-human animals.

The contributors discuss horse-human relationships in multiple contexts, times and places, highlighting variations in the meaning of horses as well as universals of `horsiness'.

They consider how horses are unlike other animals, and cover topics such as commodification, identity, communication and performance.

This collection emphasises the agency of the horse and a need to move beyond anthropocentric studies, with a theoretical approach that features naturecultures, co-being and biosocial encounters as interactive forms of becoming.

Rooted in anthropology and multispecies ethnography, this book introduces new questions and areas for consideration in the field of animals and society.