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If Only Hardback


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Amelie and Vincent meet as students at the Sorbonne at the end of the 1980s.

It's love at first sight for both, but neither dares confess their feelings to the other.

Neither of them feels like they are 'good enough', no one makes the first move, or is courageous enough to take hold of the joy before them...

They agree to meet again, but the young woman is late. And in those few minutes, it's not just a date she misses out on, but her entire life.

The young man and woman get swept up by life as it carries them towards fates they no longer control, jobs they didn't choose, marriages and relationships that become rocky.

Life that takes them down paths, through doors, into hallways, for ten, twenty or thirty years...

It is the story of two lives in parallel across the decades, the story of Amelie and Vincent's relationships and careers, the story of chance encounters that bring them together again and again.

But is it ever the 'right' time for this thwarted love?


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