Gender and Violence against Political Actors, Paperback / softback Book

Gender and Violence against Political Actors Paperback / softback

Edited by Elin Bjarnegard, Par Zetterberg

Paperback / softback

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There has been an increase in testimonies from women politicians who have been targets of violence and from survivors of conflict-related sexual violence.

The editors and contributors to of Gender and Violence against Political Actors seek to understand how gender influences both physical and psychological forms of violence and how sexual violence affects both men and women. Chapters focus on theoretical approaches demonstrating how different disciplinary starting points-e.g., politics, violence and gender-give rise to different lenses.

Essays examine violence carried out during conflict and peacetime, and relate to the continuum of violence-physical, sexual, psychological, and online.

In addition, six country case studies reveal how different types of political actors have been targets of violence. Gender and Violence against Political Actors ends by providing various approaches to responding to the problem of gendered violence in politics while also evaluating policy responses. Contributors: Kerryn Baker, Julie Ballington, Gabrielle Bardall, Gabriella Borovsky, Cheryl N.

Collier, Sofia Collignon, Maria Eriksson Baaz, Eleonora Esposito, Nicole Haley, Rebekah Herrick, Sandra Hakansson, Roudabeh Kishi, Anne-Kathrin Kreft, Mona Lena Krook, Rebecca Kuperberg, Robert U.

Nagel, Louise Olsson, Jennifer M. Piscopo, Tracey Raney, Juliana Restrepo Sanin, Paige Schneider, Maria Stern, Sue Thomas, and the editors


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