Conditioning for Dance : Training for Whole-Body Coordination and Efficiency, Paperback / softback Book

Conditioning for Dance : Training for Whole-Body Coordination and Efficiency Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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Eric Franklin's first edition of Conditioning for Dance was a bestseller-and it is back and better than ever, offering state-of-the-art conditioning exercises for dancers. An internationally renowned master teacher, Franklin has developed a science-based method of conditioning that is taught and practiced in companies and schools around the world.

In this new edition of Conditioning for Dance, he integrates the latest scientific research on strength, flexibility, and conditioning into his dance exercises. New to This EditionSince the first edition, the topic of dancers' health, wellness, and conditioning has taken on even greater importance in the dance community.

Franklin has responded to this increased emphasis by adding these new exercises and resources:* Over 100 new conditioning exercises-for all parts of the body-to support dancers in a wide range of genres, forms, and styles* Over 100 new illustrations and photos to explain and show the exercises* Two new chapters with exercises for a complete conditioning plan* A new web resource that offers 17 video clips featuring Franklin showing correct execution of the conditioning exercises from the book, two 20-minute portable whole-body workouts that use elastic bands to increase strength and aerobic conditioning for dance, and a personal conditioning program you can use to set goals chapter by chapter and monitor your conditioning development to support your performance.

The web resource is included with all new print books and some ebooks.

For ebook formats that don't provide access, the web resource is available separately. In addition, the book is now printed in full color to enhance image quality in showing technique.

Conditioning for Dance now has separate chapters for shoulders and feet, with additional information on calves and ankles.

Franklin also offers practical tips to help you develop your personal conditioning plan, which you can set up through the web resource. Applying Principles Through the Franklin MethodConditioning for Dance is available in print and electronic formats.

It uses the principles of resistance training, physics, anatomy, biomechanics, and neuroplasticity (using imagery for positive mental and physical changes) as applied to dance conditioning.

Conditioning for Dance blends imagery, focus, and conditioning exercises for dancers to enhance their technique and performance while practicing injury-prevention strategies. Franklin uses experiential anatomy to show and explain how the conditioning principles work to condition your body.

As you undertake the exercises, you gain awareness of the body's function and design and take in the knowledge of the principles through movement.

This method, known as the Franklin Method, leads to greater understanding of your body, enhanced performance, and fewer injuries.

Franklin developed the training systems within the book as well as a line of equipment, including the Franklin Band and Franklin Balls. Franklin has designed the exercises to transfer directly into dance steps; as such, they are appropriate for incorporating into the preparation time for dance classes.

You can use the two 20-minute elastic-band workouts from the web resource to prepare you for class or rehearsal and build your strength and aerobic capacities. Immediate BenefitsConditioning for Dance offers you the culmination of decades of wisdom and experience in dance conditioning from a master teacher.

By using its practical exercises, mind-body relationships, and conditioning routines, and in transferring the book knowledge to body experience, you will notice immediate benefits to your conditioning, strength, and flexibility.

You will become kinesthetically aware, create great dance technique from within your own body, and begin to craft injury-free and artistically successful routines.