Ritual in the Bronze Age Aegean : The Minoan Peak Sanctuaries, Hardback Book

Ritual in the Bronze Age Aegean : The Minoan Peak Sanctuaries Hardback


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Ritual is a fascinating subject, with a tendency to set the imagination racing and raise expectations for exciting treatment.

Minoan archaeology and more particularly the so-called "peak sanctuaries" have been the object of much such interest and speculation, but also of considerable creative research.

In this book Evangelos Kyriakidis rigorously assesses old and new ideas about these sanctuaries, testing and enriching such ideas by connecting them with the extant material and underpinning them with a solid theoretical basis.

General theoretical issues such as the attribution of ritual value to a prehistoric activity, the assessment of degrees of ritual establishment and the creation of ritual institutions are developed with the peak sanctuary material in mind.

The results are then compared and contrasted to other studies on the social and political dynamics of Minoan Crete, providing a new insight into ritual in the area as a whole.