My Life in the Golden Age of Chemistry : More Fun Than Fun, Hardback Book

My Life in the Golden Age of Chemistry : More Fun Than Fun Hardback


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A giant in the field and at times a polarizing figure, F.

Albert Cotton's contributions to inorganic chemistry and the area of transitions metals are substantial and undeniable.

In his own words, My Life in the Golden Age of Chemistry: More Fun than Fun describes the late chemist's early life and college years in Philadelphia, his graduate training and research contributions at Harvard with Geoffrey Wilkinson, and his academic career from becoming the youngest ever full professor at MIT (aged 31) to his extensive time at Texas A&M.

Professor Cotton's autobiography offers his unique perspective on the advances he and his contemporaries achieved through one of the most prolific times in modern inorganic chemistry, in research on the then-emerging field of organometallic chemistry, metallocenes, multiple bonding between transition metal atoms, NMR and ESR spectroscopy, hapticity, and more.

Working during a time of generous government funding of science and strong sponsorship for good research, Professor Cotton's experience and observations provide insight into this prolific and exciting period of chemistry.