Literary Fantasy in Contemporary Chinese Diasporic Women's Literature : Imagining Home, Hardback Book

Literary Fantasy in Contemporary Chinese Diasporic Women's Literature : Imagining Home Hardback


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This book explores the use of literary fantasy in the construction of identity and 'home' in contemporary diasporic Chinese women's literature.

It argues that the use of fantasy acts as a way of undermining the power of patriarchy and unsettling fixed notions of home.

The idea of home explored in this book relates to complicated struggles to gain a sense of belonging, as experienced by marginalized subjects in constructing their diasporic identities - which can best be understood as unstable, shifting, and shaped by historical conditions and power relations.

Fantasy is seen to operate in the corpus of this book as a literary mode, as defined by Rosemary Jackson.

Literary fantasy offers a way to rework ancient myths, fairy tales, ghost stories and legends; it also subverts conventional narratives and challenges the power of patriarchy and other dominant ideologies.

Through a critical reading of four diasporic Chinese women authors, namely, Maxine Hong Kingston, Adeline Yen Mah, Ying Chen and Larissa Lai, this book aims to offer critical insights into how their works re-imagine a 'home' through literary fantasy which leads beyond nationalist and Orientalist stereotypes; and how essentialist conceptions of diasporic culture are challenged by global geopolitics and cultural interactions.


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